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Web Services  

At StarMaker, we enable our customers to rapidly develop cost-effective solutions utilizing the latest in advanced technology. Whether new or fully integrated with legacy systems, our solutions are appropriate for the circumstance. Our staff is comprised of industry leading experts with extensive experience in project management, architecture, and project development.

Technology Evalutation

Web Services is gaining momentum, and the time will soon come when you must decide whether or not to embrace this new wave of technologies.

Our staff of architects, developers, consultants, and trainers has invested countless hours into research and development of Web Services technologies. Thus we can evaluate in a matter of days what would take your own staff months to accomplish.

Our process is simple:

  1. Identify your business goals and objectives.
  2. Identify your current software development, deployment, and/or maintenance hurdles.
  3. We will examine this data and provide you with an analysis of how Web Services will or will not impact your business.

As a technology evaluator, StarMaker will leverage our Web Services expertise to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about this exciting new technology.

Web Services Architecture & Application Development

It may be the case that you recognize the need to incorporate Web Services into your existing infrastructure, but you would prefer to outsource the entire project. We can do that too.

We provide services for the entire project life cycle, including:

  • Requirements discovery and analysis
  • System/component prototyping
  • System and software architecture development
  • Application analysis, design, programming, & testing
  • System integration
  • System maintenance

Our staff of engineers will collaborate with our technical architects to create a Web Services component or an entire system of Web Services to meet the needs and goals of your business.

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