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Technology Transfer  
The apex of StarMaker's Star Building Program is designed for those who wish to manage their own internal organization whose mission is to propagate your best people and practices to multiple projects, divisions, partners, and possibly your customers.

We will help you identify, capture, extend, and disseminate your standards, practices, technologies, languages, tools, and more. You will learn how to efficiently integrate systems engineering, software engineering, and architectural processes. We will help you learn how to recruit and develop your own superstars while increasing their overall impact to your organization. In essence, we will teach you how to build and execute your own Star Building Programs for your projects, divisions, partners, and customers.

If executed correctly, your company will gain repeatable benefits to your bottom line - benefits that will have an ongoing impact to your shareholders and to your employees. We will show you how, on an ongoing basis, you can realize the following benefits:

  • reduce your time to market and maintenance costs
  • increase the quality of recruited employees and contractors
  • improve employee motivation, productivity, and retention even when the market supply of superstars is low
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