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Object-Oriented Services  

At StarMaker, we enable our customers to rapidly develop cost-effective solutions utilizing the latest in advanced technology. Whether new or fully integrated with legacy systems, our solutions are appropriate for the circumstance. Our staff is comprised of industry leading experts with extensive experience in project management, architecture,
and project development.

Object-Oriented Project & Team Mentoring

StarMaker can provide expert mentors to work with your IT project managers and team leads for the duration of the entire project from requirements gathering to delivery. Our mentors will lead and guide your IT staff through the extremely sophisticated, technical object-oriented process. Our repeatable process addresses and reduces overall project risk, is clearly defined, is adaptable, is scalable for large or small projects, and focuses on rapid incremental/iterative development that can be measured against business requirements.

We have extensive hands-on experience in the use of Java, EJB, XML, C++, and related e-business and object-oriented skills. By using our mentors, your management and staff will value greatly by working side-by-side with StarMaker mentors who are well-versed in the strengths and subtle complications that arise with object-oriented projects.

OO Architecture & Application Development

Our consultants are industry experts in the rapid development using Java, EJB, JSP, Servlets, Applets, Swing, XML, C++, CORBA, and related e-business and object-oriented skills. This is our specialty. This is where we thrive. We provide senior hands-on expertise to create the highest quality software in the shortest time. We turn object-oriented principles and processes into reality - quickly. We share the project load, its goals and its deadlines. Regardless if a customer is reaping the benefits of our project and team mentors, let our senior consultants prove our abilities. Our attitudes reflect teamwork, unity, and building others into stars. Our results reflect that we are the best.

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