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Recruit the highest, most qualified talent in the industry.

Never sacrifice the quality of our personnel for the quantity of business. As a result, we must be selective in our business engagements.

Formal training may be necessary to get started, but mastery is most quickly achieved by working side-by-side with another professional. When StarMaker engages a customer, our results not only produce high quality software, but a better development team.

Continuously seek to make a star out of our customers by building a long-term level of excellence with each individual, team, project and division.

Provide superior management oversight to ensure that our customers and our employees are in continual harmony with customer expectations and requirements.

Provide frequent, tangible, working, state-of-the-art solutions that are aligned with the customer's requirements and today's diverse technological marketplace.

Promote solid life principles and values which all StarMaker employees are
expected to exemplify, resulting in superior business practices, relationships, and performance. We believe in building others up in all aspects of our lives -- at home, and at work.

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